2pcs Yoga Blocks, 9X 6X 3 inches FAST SHIPPING


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Improve flexibility and deeper stretching: Functional yoga blocks deepen your stretches to help you get the most from your yoga practice and align your posture perfectly, providing you with a safe and comfortable foundation.


  1. Lightweight and High Density Foam Blocks


Made of top quality – durable EVA. With a solid construction and lightweight, it is perfect for carrying and using in anywhere.


  1. Slip-resistant and Beveled Edges


These yoga blocks has a feature slip-resistant surfaces and beveled edges. Ensure the proper alignment to safely support and adjust poses to suit your level of flexibility.


  1. Aiming at Higher Levels


Provide stability and assistance for beginners to be accustomed to yoga poses, aiming at higher levels in the future.


  1. Modify Pose More Accessible to Reach Your Goals


Used under hands, feet or your seat. Combine yoga block can decrease distance between body and the ground, make your exercises easier to execute.


Package includes: 2pcs yoga blocks


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