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Decompression strap back support back pain lower lumbar support back massage inflatable traction device back pain relief

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Relieve painStretch and relieve tight lower back muscles, relieve lower back pain and stiffness


Reducing lumbar pressureReduces the burden around the ligament by pulling, bringing a good rest to the damaged lumbar ring


Decompression beltThe spinal traction belt is designed according to the traction principle, and the vertical traction is successfully realized to achieve continuous traction and support functions.


Everytime , anywhere can be used during activities or during rest and relaxation, such as walking, sitting, lying, gardening, golfing, work, driving, etc.


safety warning:


1, do not wear too long in the first week.


2, after you wear it in a few days, the pain may become more and more serious, you can reduce the time of wearing in one day. As the pain subsides, you can gradually increase the time.


3, not suitable for wearing a belt when sleeping, will lead to blood stagnation.


Do not use this product under the following conditions:


Pregnancy, bleeding, malignant tumors, strong heat, skin lesions, severe hypertension, severe osteoporosis.